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About Us

Nationwide Environmental Solutions, the leader in emission control technology and energy efficiency,  is your trusted solution provider for emissions control and energy efficiency upgrades of boilers, gas turbines, fired heaters and other demanding applications. We deliver unsurpassed emission reductions through Nationwide's CataStak™ selective catalytic reduction technology. The CataStak™, proven in over 100 installations, goes beyond lowering greenhouse gas emissions and provides immediate cost savings through efficiency upgrades for optimal fuel savings. Contact Us today to find out why so many companies have selected Nationwide Environmental Solutions as their value-added solution provider for total plant solutions and emissions compliance, without compromise.

Early Beginnings into the Low NOx Market

After Clean-Air Act Amendments were passed in the early 1990's, Nationwide Boiler Inc. utilized combustion control technology methods to address NOx emission requirements. When NOx levels of 30 ppm were adopted, Nationwide invested in current BACT technology and retrofitted its boiler rental fleet with burner combustion control technology. When NOx limits were further reduced to 9 ppm, Nationwide's units were no longer capable of meeting new regulations and additional costly burner retrofits were required.

Nationwide concluded that this was just the beginning of a country-wide movement of clean air regulations and the company evaluated post combustion technologies. After several years of field R&D testing on numerous rental projects, Nationwide's engineers selected SCR technology as the answer to NOx compliance. It was the most economical, efficient, reliable and easy to operate solution, capable of easily exceeding 9 ppm. Also, when packaged with EconoStak economizers, the system provided valuable energy efficiency gains. This marked a major shift in control technology solutions for Nationwide and thus the CataStak™ SCR system for ultra low NOx emissions was born.

The Birth of Nationwide Boiler's Environmental Solutions Business Unit

The success of Nationwide Boiler’s CataStak™ SCR system spread across California and a market quickly developed for new and retrofit applications. After several years of experience and a growing market, Nationwide Boiler expanded its role as the low NOx solutions provider with the introduction of the company’s Environmental Solutions Business Unit.

This strategic business unit is focused on lowering overall industrial greenhouse gas emissions through innovative, low NOx air pollution control solutions.  These solutions are based on the CataStak™ SCR system, able to reduce NOx emissions as low as 2.5 ppm, EconoStak economizers for fuel efficiency, and the E2Stak, a solution that provides both emission reductions and increased efficiency with one complete package. In addition, the Ammonia-Free CataStak™ SCR system provides a choice for users who desire a safe and reliable alternative to standard ammonia-based SCR systems.

Nationwide Environmental Solutions' family of products is custom designed for boilers, gas turbines, fired heaters, furnaces and other demanding applications.  Technical support and service during installation and start-up is also provided, in addition to operator training and aftermarket services and support.