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Ammonia-Free SCR Systems

Based on Nationwide's proven CataStak™ SCR system technology, the ammonia-free CataStak SCR system has been economically designed to provide reliable NOx performance for firetube and watertube boilers using a safe 32.5% urea solution.

Utilizing a urea injection system, this safe, low NOx SCR solution provides >90% NOx reduction and eliminates the need for boiler operators to store or handle ammonia, while ensuring reliable operation of your boiler system.

The urea injection system comprises of three primary components. These include a tank (on which the pump, filter, level and urea pressure sensors are mounted), control panel with PLC and operator display and two (2) injectors.  The innovative design and features of this pre-packaged system assures minimum ammonia slip, maximum NOx reduction and easy installation and setup, while providing a safe alternative for ammonia based SCR systems.           

Features of the urea injection system        

  • Allen Bradley PLC Based Controller
  • 7" Touch Screen Display Panel
  • Controls for Two Injectors
  • 17 Gallon Day Tank
  • Variable Speed Injection Pump
  • Auto Refill and Level Sensor
  • Flow Meters
  • Utilizes Safe Diesel Exhaust Fluid (32% urea solution)

Ammonia-free CataStak SCR System: Project Spotlights

Ammonia-free CataStak SCR- 55,000 lb/hr Boiler Systems One (1) Ammonia-free CataStak SCR System for two (2) 55,000 lb/hr watertube boilers. Urea Injection System for Boiler Systems Two (2) urea injection systems.
Ammonia-free CataStak SCR - 800 hp Firetube Boiler One (1) Ammonia-free CataStak SCR System for an 800 HP firetube boiler. Urea Injection System for Boiler Systems One (1) Urea injection system.

CataStak SCR Systems

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